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Extensive Stock 

Spare parts supply is a critical requirement for all our customers.  We have 1000s of spare parts in stock. Anything, we don’t stock we can normally obtain on a next day service. Same day dispatch, next day delivery & pre 9am options are available. Alternatively, we can send an engineer to fit your parts.

Workshop Facilities & Services

Our workshops are capable of dealing with just about every eventuality. With dedicated manufacturing and servicing facilities we are able to offer a comprehensive range of repairs under one roof. Routine servicing, mechanical & electrical fault finding, machining, hydraulic hose repairs, small batch manufacturing & more.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Dashboard warning lights are an increasingly prevalent concern for motorists, but fortunately it’s often the case that an engine diagnostic test is all you need to get to find the root of the problem.

With some vehicle issues an engine diagnostics check may display a potential error before it has shown a warning light, saving you time, money and hassle in the long run.  

Our machine allows us to scan various points of the car to detect potential issues with a high level of accuracy.

The scanner can detect issues associated with your car’s engine, brakes, airbags and alarms with live data, allowing our experts to check whether problems from your car’s ECU are genuine or as a result of sensor error.

In addition to this, service and error lights on a dashboard can be reset using the scanner. Some warning lights can be a reason for an MOT failure, even if there is nothing wrong with the system indicated. For that reason it is important to have these checked and reset before your test to avoid an MOT fail.